BAP ATTAK‘s song “When I’m With You” is featured in the popular new CocoDrill commercial! The product & video were mentioned in an article on and is generating a lot of views!  The track is off of BAP ATTAK’s “Never Never” EP. The CocoDrill is a kitchen gadget to poke a hole into a young coconut to stick a straw in and drink the coconut water- sounds yummy! check out the commercial here:

Check out the Gizomdo article here: CocoDrill

Buy “When I’m With You” here:

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Virtualhoedown band Brightmillion is hard at work in the studio on a forthcoming EP – stay tuned for new music soon! in the meantime, how about you take a listen the Brightmillion here:

and watch them live here:

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This Week’s Featured Song is a Pop track by Dan Holman & Richard Harris titled “Get Back”  The song has been on hold with Major label artist a few times,,, including an American Idol Finalist — but has yet to find its right home 😉  This track is sure to stand out on an album and is also available for Film * TV placement as demoed.

check it out here —  you won’t be disappointed !

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Congrats to writer’s Dan Holman & Blake Robin and our artist BAP ATTAK ! – their song “Happy” was used on the TV show HUGE this past monday! In case you missed it-

Watch the full episode here –

Watch a clip with the BAP ATTAK song –

Check out more BAP ATTAK here –

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11 Aug 2010

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